Tree Removal and Tree Felling in London

At Custom Cutters we remove trees of many different shapes and sizes. Trees have to be removed for different reasons:

  • They have become hazardous
  • They are dead or dying
  • Located too close to buildings
  • As part of a wider management plan

Therefore tree removal is a necessary part of a managing any landscape and it can lead to the loss of amenity value. However, the positive side of removing a tree is that is provides an opportunity to plant a vigorous young tree. Trees being felled where there is enough space surrounding a tree it may be felled from ground level.

Trees being dismantled In gardens where space is confined, trees are dismantled using up to date rigging methods to ensure targets surrounding the tree are not damaged. This is a safe and efficient method of removing a tree. Trees using Mobile Elevated Work Platforms where the access is available, a mobile elevated work platform may be used. This is generally required when trees are hazardous and dangerous, meaning that the climber is unable to enter the tree using a rope and harness. A mobile elevated platform is a safe method of removing the tree without having to work from within it.

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