Tree and Shrub Planting

At Custom Cutters we provide a comprehensive planting service. We have extensive experience in all aspects of planting varying from small shrubs to mature trees with an immediate and impressive visual impact. The care provided for a tree when planting is very important in ensuring the establishment and long term health of the plant. Good planting methods can significantly reduce the stress placed on the plant at the time of planting.

Basic tree planting facts

The ideal time to plant trees and shrubs is during the dormant season from November through to March. At this time the ground is cold enough for tree roots to become established without the stress of the spring and summer heat which promotes foliage growth. Trees properly cared for can be planted throughout the growing season from April to October if proper handling is undertaken. If planted at this time, an adequate watering management programme needs to be implemented. In addition, the trees need to be correctly transplanted and handled.

Choosing a Tree

Different trees are appropriate for different locations and we will provide recommendations on the most suitable species for each situation. We are able to try and source any tree you are looking for but in case you need some ideas, the most commonly planted tree species we are planting at present are as follows:

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