Horticultural Services

Custom Cutters also offer a range of horticultural services to compliment our arboricultural and hard landscaping services. With a strong understanding of trees and their importance within the wider garden l andscape, we also offer horticultural services to suit your garden and match your needs. Working in gardens every day, all our employees are duly aware of the sensitivity of gardens being a sanctuary within the home. Therefore we offer the following services to a high and meticulous standard.

To carry out the works we have a range of qualified employees. Marcus Foster who has worked for Custom Cutters for over 5 years, is a qualified horticulturist and arboriculturist, with over 10 years experience in both industries and has recently graduated with a Diploma in Garden Design from The English Gardening School.

Garden Maintenance

We offer a full range of horticultural services from lawn mowing, clearing of borders, soil improvement, weeding and feeding of plants, shrub, rose and climber pruning and hedge trimming. This list is by no means exhaustive and we also carry out other additional horticultural tasks as and when required throughout the year

Garden Consultation

We can offer a range of solutions to most problems within the garden. Problems within the garden are almost endless but whether for example it is simply advice on what tree to plant where or where a new border should be situated and what should be planted within it, we can provide you with advice and solutions.

Planting Plans

Planting Plans can be created to suit a range of aspects within the garden. By creating a planting plan you will be able to maximise the planting interest in your border for specific or prolonged periods throughout the year. Colour palettes can be created to suit your desires and forms of foliage can also be specific to your demands. Many problem areas can easily be overcome with the correct type of planting which suit soil conditions and light levels. The most common problem within London is that of providing interest within dry and shady borders, but there are also many other planting difficulties which can be improved upon.

Garden Design

We can provide a bespoke design service for any garden size whether its a small courtyard or a large garden. Able to offer a variety of services including MasterPlans, Planting Plans, and Hardworks Specifications, a design will ensure that you get the best from your garden.

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